Why We’re declaring February:
National Cherry Bounce Month

Hints: George Washington and Chocolate

“I want the ‘The Cherry Thing’, Cherry Bling, Cherry Whisky, Cherry Bourbon.” Whatever it is you call it (’cause we’ve heard all the names) it’s Cherry Bounce, our 17th century cordial that you are talking about. It’s our most popular product and people seem to just love it. We love it and for that reason and more we think February should hereby be known as “Cherry Bounce Month”.

Reason #1 – Everyone knows the story of “George Washington and the Cherry Tree”, ” I cannot tell a lie….” and so forth. Well, that story was actually completely made up by his first biographer, but, this story is true. Martha Washington made Cherry Bounce for George and it was a favorite of his. It’s true it’s in her cookbook and there’s documentation on him taking on many trips away from Mt. Vernon where there was in fact a cherry orchard. February is also his birthday month, the 15th to be exact.

Reason #2: It’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th and Cherry Bounce goes really well with all that chocolate you are about to have around the house. I’m not talking it’s kinda good with it I’m saying it delicious. Only all-natural cherries are used in our products creating a delicious concoction that just wraps itself around any chocolate goodness. Just a few ideas, hot chocolate with cherry bounce, chocolate waffles/ pancakes for breakfast in bed. How about chocolate ice cream topped with Cherry Bounce or a mixture of CB and as a nightcap. Chocolate shot glasses??? Yep, we have those.

Reason#3: For that special drink or for a non-chocolate option, put it in champagne, a mule, a Manhattan, rum, and “cherry” coke? it’s good in all of it.

Reason#4: Cherries are shaped like hearts! what a perfect fit for the month.

So as you can see it’s the perfect fit for a drink of the month. Grab yourself a bottle Today.

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