Night at the Museum

Historical Private Dining Experience

Enjoy a Historic Dining Experience in a Private Museum Room

You can Included a Christmas City Spirits Tasting!

No Availability Between Aug 3rd-23rd, 2023.

Immerse yourself in the Sun Inn’s rich history with a private room dining experience in one of our three museum rooms with dinner specially prepared by our Chef Billy Gruenewald. For a history-filled night, you have the option of adding a docent from the Sun Inn Preservation Association who will take you through a history of our special Inn and its guests. You also have the option of adding a tasting of Christmas City Spirits with a member of the distillery who will guide you through a flight.

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$15/person Museum Room Rental Donation 

This goes to the Sun Inn Preservation Association for museum/building upkeep. This will be collected at time of booking and is refundable up until one (1) week prior to your scheduled experience. 

Order from Tavern at the Sun Inn’s  Museum Menu 

Each guest will choose either a small plate or large plate dinner option from a Specific Museum Menu and may order additional items a la carte from the Tavern Menu, Alcoholic beverages are extra.*

*Tax of 6% and Gratuity of 20% will be added to final bill

**Due to seasonality, menu subject to change 

Docent from the Sun Inn Preservation Association

For an additional donation of $30 to the Museum a docent will guide you through an interactive
history of the Inn and it’s extensive guest list.



The Gaststube or “Guest Parlor”

Pronounced Gash-tooba

This is the guest welcoming/departing room in which guests of the Inn would have been entertained while waiting for their room or for a coach later in the day. The room includes a large functioning fireplace, a representative table of some things you may have found on a table during the colonial period, a timeline history of the Inn, and a period clock made locally in the early 1800s.

The Colonial Kitchen

A replica of a traditional colonial hearth anchors the ambiance of this room. This is where the meals would have been prepared for its guests. The cuisine on the Inn became so well known many dignitaries would plan to stop here on there way north and south between York City (New York City) and Philadelphia. The room includes the hearth and a plethora of other period tools and artifacts you would have found around a traditional Moravian homestead.

Colonial Kitchen
Martha Washington Suite

The Martha Washington Suite

Dine as the first, First Lady would have in a private suite known to be located where she stayed while at the Sun Inn. The Sun Inn was the first place of lodging in the New World to have private suite. This made it very attractive to people of means to stay here and dine on the Inn’s famous cuisine in their own private space. The room is set up for you to experience where special guests would have stayed. There are two bedrooms attached to a common area. The room is finished traditionally and includes a period clock produced locally and a set of original shutters.


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