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Alcohol played a major role in colonial America. You could even argue that massive taxes on the trade were a trigger for the American Revolution. The Moravians bought their distilling knowledge to Bethlehem in 1741 and the craft has had a rich culture throughout the entire region ever since.  A group of Lehigh Valley friends bring back the authenticity and history of this tradition with Christmas City Spirits.

Christmas City Spirits produces quality and authentic spirits, exceeding the consumers’ expectations with historically inspired products. Developed by our team of dedicated alco-historians we partner with our community to bring the quality of tradition to the palates of consumers.

Come enjoy the spirits of the past. 

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Our products are a story of history and location. Whether it be authentic historical distillations, reflections of the past or old family recipes we want that heritage to be what you taste in every sip.


Christmas City Spirits produces quality and authentic spirits, aiming to exceed the consumers’ expectations for a unique experience. Our historically inspired products, developed by our team of dedicated alco-historians blends with our sense of community to bring history and place to the palates of our consumers.

The Tavern at the Sun Inn brings together great food, revolutionary spirits and Colonial history to create a unique dining destination for local residents and visitors.

Michael “Woody” Dombrosky

Head Distiller,
Christmas City Spirits

Here at Christmas City Spirits we are all about history and out distiller’s story is certainly no exception.

Stemming from a long family line of distilling in the Coal Region of Schuylkill County, Pa, “Woody” brings a rich history and knowledge of distilling passed down for several generations. His family history is something that few will ever be able to replicate in this art and his rather particular philosophies on the importance of ingredient sourcing and the use of “terroir” of the fruit/grain, yeast and processes sets him apart from most other distillers.

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