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The Sun Inn Preservation Association Board is a group of dedicated individuals who have successfully preserved and maintained one of the most historically significant buildings in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The Sun Inn, which was built in 1758, served as a popular tavern during the Revolutionary War and hosted many important figures of the time, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Over time, the building fell into disrepair, and it was in danger of being demolished. However, the Sun Inn Preservation Association Board stepped in and worked tirelessly to raise funds and restore the building to its former glory. Thanks to their efforts, the Sun Inn is now a thriving museum and cultural center that attracts visitors from all over the world. In this introduction, we will explore the history of the Sun Inn Preservation Association Board, their achievements, and the impact they have had on the community.

Achievements over the years

The Sun Inn Preservation Association Board has achieved several significant milestones over the years. Here are some of their notable achievements:

  • Restoration of the Sun Inn: The board successfully led the restoration of the Sun Inn, which had fallen into disrepair over the years. The restoration process included repairing and replacing structural elements, restoring historical features, and renovating the interior to create a museum and cultural center.
  • Fundraising: The board has raised significant funds to support the restoration and ongoing maintenance of the Sun Inn. They have done this through a combination of grants, donations, and fundraising events.
  • Educational Programs: The board has developed and implemented educational programs for students of all ages. These programs include tours of the Sun Inn, hands-on workshops, and lectures on various topics related to the history of the Sun Inn and Bethlehem.
  • Community Events: The board has organized and hosted numerous community events over the years, including historical reenactments, concerts, and historians. These events have helped to bring the community together and promote the cultural heritage of Bethlehem.
  • National Recognition: The board’s efforts have been recognized on a national level. The Sun Inn was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. In 2019, the Sun Inn Preservation Association received the Award of Merit from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
  • A Strategic Partnership: The board voted to allow Christmas City Spirits house the Sun Inn to distill and sell historic spirits and manage Tavern at the Sun Inn restaurant. This endeavor helps fulfills our mission.

Overall, the Sun Inn Preservation Association Board has significantly impacted the preservation and promotion of the Sun Inn’s historical significance. Their efforts have helped ensure that future generations can appreciate and learn from this important piece of American history.

Current Board of Directors

Randi Mautz


Dave Sherman

Vice President

Seth Cornish


Earl Kinsley


Brett Biggs



Scott Gordon


John R. Howard


Marian Kordopatis


Pete Reinke


Ron Ritcher


Matthew Hotchkiss


Tom Starrett


Christine Ussler


MaryLou Young


John Demmeno


Jennifer Cornish

Office Administrator



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“We had no difficulty in finding the tavern, for it is precisely at the entrance of town. This Inn, from its external appearance and its interior accommodations, is not inferior to the best of the large inns in England, which indeed it very much resembles in every respect.”

Marquis de Chastellux

Army Major General, in 1782 of his stay at the Sun Inn

Sun Inn Preservation Association (SIPA) is a 501 (c) 3 that maintains the Sun Inn.


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