The last 4 years have been great, and it’s about to get even better….

The idea of starting a small micro distillery in the Sun Inn has been a very exciting notion for this group of Bethlehem guys who love their town, have a passion for Spirits and a predilection for all things historical. 

It certainly has been an active almost 4 years since we began this project in January of 2015. Starting solely as a small micro distillery project, this concept has truly blossomed into something more then we ever thought it could be. After a year and a half of planning and governmental delays, it became apparent the distillery was going to take much longer then anticipated. In the mean time our restaurant, Tavern at the Sun Inn, the restaurant that was supposed to come after the distillery, had to open. December of 2016 we threw open the doors, under some rather odd circumstances with our liquor license. Since then we’ve made some incredible improvements to the business. We’ve added a full liquor license, improved the North Green Patio substantially, made the Rathskeller Colonial Cellar Bar one of the most unique  spaces in the Valley and have been slowly adapting our small tavern menu to fit demand. It’s about to get even better as we move to our original full concept, a fun, casual distillery  restaurant in with a unique historical atmosphere. We have had a more complete vision for almost 4 years that is about to come into being. There’s so much more we’re about to do and we’re very excited about it. Here is our plan for the next year to 18 months. 


  1. Restaurant will operate pretty much as normal through the Christmas season hosting our regular guests and parties. We’ll expand our hours to include Sunday and possibly Tuesday. 
  2. We’ll be making some enhancements to our drink and cocktail menu getting it ready to issue in our own spirits to the menu.
  3. Distillery manufacturing site is under construction in Hanover Township: Expected completion December 2018. 
  4. November: Improvements to the Rathskeller Colonial Cellar Bar to increase space, offerings and service. 
  5. Dining Room redevelopment to a more casual and inviting experience:  January/February  2019
  6. First Distillery Product Delivery to the Inn: 1st Quarter 2019 
  7. Distillery Tasting Experience:  late Spring/early Summer 2019
  8. Improvements to the North Green Patio infrastructure to expand offerings: May 2019