In one word, History. In two words, History and Spirits. We are so excited to begin the next chapter of this so far 4-year adventure that is Christmas City Spirits. If nothing else the delays that we were presented with gave us time (a lot of time) to mature our product development plan, while continually building relationships, developing new ideas and figuring out who we truly want to be as a company.


We want to produce spirits that are a product of history. We want them to have that vein of the past flow through each product that we make so in every sip you take you are in fact not just drinking alcohol but you are drinking some a story. We may be headquartered in a colonial building but we have developed our future product line in to so much more. The thoughtful development of our product line now stems from a tremendous amount of research into local distilling traditions as well as our master distiller’s family history going back to the 19th century making rye whiskey for coal miners.


We are alco-nuts. Yes, we’re making the term up. We love the whole process of alcohol production; the source of ingredients, production, maturation, serving, drinking, pairing of with food, the ultimate results, and everything involved. We’re beer guys, we’re wine guys, we’re spirit men. We like things that taste good and we like all the things that go along with that. We’re foodies, wine snobs, beers critics, spirits tasters. We want to produce things that are delicious and bring value to your experience. You won’t be disappointed.
So we’re going to have some traditional and some not so traditional products, historical products, a lot of local seasonals, some things that there is nothing else like. So, we’re not inside a box, but we have a mission of making meaningful spirits for you to enjoy. Our next few blogs will get into the details of this a bit more.