Bethlehem is one of Pennsylvania’s richest historical cities. If you have been looking to visit a destination with lots of local history and cultural flavor, Bethlehem is a fantastic place to go.

When you are in Bethlehem, don’t be afraid to check out some of the historical flavor. You may find that there is more culture than originally meets the eye.

Listen to Tunes at Musikfest

Musikfest is an annual free event lasting 10 days in August. Millions of people visit Bethlehem for this festival, which has roots in 1898 when the Bach Choir of Bethlehem established an annual Bach Festival.

See Historic Bethlehem

In Historic Bethlehem, you will find everything from small boutique shops to nightclubs. Walking through Historic Bethlehem, you may have the ability to tour some of the country’s oldest centers of worship still standing. The buildings here allow you to see different stages of development in architecture in the city.

Walking down the street, you will also pass art galleries, museums, vintage shops, and much more. You may even be able to take a self-guided tour of local sites.

Enjoy Some of the Country’s Oldest Buildings

Few places in the United States allow you to catch a glimpse of architecture from the 1700s. Many stone structures from the 1740s through 1830s still stand, including the Bell House, Single Brethren’s House, and Old Chapel. You can also check out the Tannery and Waterworks, which is a National Historic Landmark.

Another National Historic Landmark to check out is the Gemeinhaus, a log structure from the 18th century that was the birthplace of Lewis David von Schweintz, one of America’s first researchers of fungi. Today, it is the Moravian Museum of Bethlehem.

Explore Steel History

Bethlehem was once known for its Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and the impact is visible today. A walking tour can help you see the lasting effects of the steel industry in the area as well as learn a bit more about local history and industry. The tour also offers an opportunity to witness daily events in the life of a steelworker.

Learn About Moravian Farming

Burnside Plantation is one of the best places in the world to learn about the Moravian farming methods used in the 1700s. The plantation offers unique insight into historical buildings and the lifestyle of those in the past. The plantation has a farmhouse, barns, and other buildings that provide intriguing views to centuries past.

Additionally, the plantation hosts an annual blueberry festival where you can taste delicious blueberry treats as well.

If you are still curious about Moravian culture, you should also check out the Moravian Museum of Bethlehem, which offers information about worship, medicine, education, and other components of the lifestyle.

Examine Brick Architecture

The Goundie House, built in 1810, was the first brick home built in Bethlehem. The Goundie House was built in American Federal style, which set the home apart from the standard German Colonial style of the time. The home was set to be torn down in the 1970s, but two women sat at its stoop to ensure it would not be wrecked.
Today, the home has been restored.

Check Out Local Taverns

Did you know that the original plan for the American Revolution began in a tavern? Taverns have served a crucial role in American history, so it makes sense that you want to visit one in Bethlehem, especially because you have access to so many casual, fun taverns in the city.

Tavern at the Sun Inn is situated in an establishment built in 1758. If you love history, you will enjoy our historical decor and casual atmosphere. Call today to reserve your spot for dinner or come in and enjoy a drink on our lovely patio.