This is a call out to all local breweries and homebrewers. If you can donate beer we’ll distill it into ethanol for hand sanitizer!

We simply can’t mash/ferment fast enough. We’ll keep our stills running 24 hours day to get what we need, but we need the beer to distill. So we’re asking you to donate what you can. 5 gallons, 50 gallons 200 gallons.

– Highest abv possible
– Source materials do not matter, taste does not matter as long as it edible for human consumption
– We can pick it up

How to do it:
– Contact:
– include the following: What you have/can make , name, phone, location, how we’ll get it from you or you get it to us.
– Must be off-grain, lautered, void of 99% solids.
We need you to put it in a container that we will return to you unless you don’t want it.
– mark the abv

Your help is greatly appreciated!