So you did it… You waited too long to order from Amazon to get your loving Mom a gift for Mother’s Day. Well we’re hear to help with some different and thoughtful ideas that we can deliver this Saturday, May 9th just in time to make you mom say wow, how thoughtful!

1.) Order Cherry Bounce from our website and we’ll deliver it locally along with a great glossy insert that contains several easy drink recipes that you can make with it and a bunch of Brunch recipes that use the Cherry Bounce as an ingredient. Cherry Bounce Bacon?? Yea that’s better than flowers.  See the insert here: Click Here

2.) We’re offering local delivery of Family Recipe, From-scratch-made, Molasses Crumbcake that is infused (or not) with Cherry Bounce. So it’s really a more American different spin on a Caribbean rum cake. you can also order that on our web site:


Drink Recipes:

Bounce Royalé

4oz Champagne & 1oz Cherry Bounce

Mt. Vernon Manhatten

4oz Bourbon or Rye 1oz Cherry Bounce, 1 dash bitters

Cherry Bounce/Vodka-Limeade 

1oz Vodka, 1oz Cherry Bounce, 4oz Lemon/lime Soda or Seltzer, 1 lime wedge squeezed

Food recipes:

The Pancake Base

The Dry

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

The Wet (if it dissolves it’s a wet)

1/2 tsp salt

2tbs white vinegar

3tbs granulated sugar

1 3/4c milk 

1 tbs light oil (like Canola)

2 large eggs lightly beaten

1.5 tsp vanilla extract

Follow method on front page (see insert link here), then pour 6-8oz onto medium heat preheated skillet with a light rub of oil or butter. When bubbles form in the middle and edges set, flip.

Gluten Free Base

The Dry

1c almond flour

1c tapioca starch

1tbs arrow root

1.5tsp baking powder

1tsp baking soda

The Wet (if it dissolves it’s a wet)

1/2 tsp salt

2tbs white vinegar

3tbs granulated sugar

3tbs milk 

2 tbs light oil (like Canola)

1/2c egg whites

1.5tsp vanilla extract


Simply pour Cherry Bounce right on top instead of syrup, or cook berries in a little water and sugar until they breakdown, let cool then add a bit of Cherry Bounce for a lovely fruit topping. 

Kicked up Options

Make a Waffle Instead

Add 1 more tbs of oil, 1 tbs of sugar to wet base and add’l 1/4tsp of baking powder to the dry base.

Cherry French Toast

Replace 1/3 of the milk in a recipe with Cherry Bounce. 

CheeryCherry Chocolate

In the wet base, replace 3/4c of milk with 3/4c Cherry Bounce* (see below for gluten free base) then in the dry base add 3tbs of cocoa powder and 1c of chocolate chips before mixing. Drizzle with Cherry Bounce to finish. 

Un-Baaah-lievable Cherry-Lime Chèvre

In the wet base, replace 3/4c milk with 3/4c Cherry Bounce* (see below for gluten free base) and 2tbs vinegar with the juice and the zest of one lime. In an another bowl, Take 4oz goat cheese (or ricotta), add 1oz Cherry Bounce then the zest and juice from half a lime. Mix to combine as an awesome  savory topping or search for a crêpe recipe and use as an incredible filling.

*=For the gluten free base, take out milk add the 3/4c CB and add’l 1/2 cup tapioca starch)


‘Bouncing Fruit Salad

Cut up 4 cups of some pineapple, assorted berries, apples, melon or whatever you have and place into a bowl. Add 3oz of Cherry Bounce and 2tbs cream/milk, toss every min for 5 minutes.

Cherry Bounced Bacon

Preheat oven to 350f. In a bowl take 8 thick cut rashers (pieces)of bacon, pour on 4oz of Cherry Bounce and coat them. Let sit 20min lightly tossing to coat again every 5mins. Lay out on greased baking sheet and save any extra liquid. Bake for 10 mins. Remove from oven and use remaining liquid to coat bacon lightly on both sides. Bake again until you’ve reached desired crispiness. 

Have some time and smoker? Try our Smoked Cherry Bounce Drunken Bacon here: