Blossom Cider Spritz

1 oz of Cherry Blossom 1/2 oz of Coal Region Boilo 4 oz Apple Cider Top with Club Soda in a snifter glass and garnish with a sprig of thyme!! ((If you want it a bit stronger, add half an oz of vodka, and less club soda!!))

Bubbly Blossom

2 oz Cherry Blossom 8 oz Prosecco This is a simple to make, and delicious to drink cocktail made with our new lighter edition Cherry Bounce!
Cherry Bounce Pop

Cherry Bounce Pop

This one is simple! Just add Cherry Bounce to your favorite soda! Sprite, Coke or even Dr. Pepper. For less sugar, add Cherry Bounce to a diet or sugar free soda and it will even mask that Nutrasweet...