Hot Butterscotch Toddy

1/2 oz Colonial Rum 1 oz Coal Region Boilo 2 oz Butterscotch Simple Hot Water Place in a glass mug and top with a pat of butter or whipped cream, sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon and enjoy!! (A modernization of the Sun Inn cookbook’s Hot Buttered Rum...

Blossom Cider Spritz

1 oz of Cherry Blossom 1/2 oz of Coal Region Boilo 4 oz Apple Cider Top with Club Soda in a snifter glass and garnish with a sprig of thyme!! ((If you want it a bit stronger, add half an oz of vodka, and less club soda!!))

Christmas City Wassail

1.5 oz Coal Region Boilo 5 oz Warm [Apple] Cider Extra splashes of lemon and orange juice to taste Garnish with cranberries, orange and lemon slices, and a cinnamon stick!
Honey Bubbles

Honey Bubbles

2 ounces BoiloTop with Proseccoadd a few dashes of Lemon Balm Bitters Gently stir and best served in a coupe or champagne...