Cherry Blossom Sangria

  2oz Vodka 3/4oz Cherry Blossom 3/4oz Eldeflower Liqueur 1/2oz lemon juice 3 dashes lavender bitters, shake and strain into a coupe and garnish with a cherry Or just come on in to the Sun Inn and purchase your own pouch of...

Basil Tom Collins

Slap 2 large Basil leaves to loosen the oils and drop into a Collins glass add ice 1.5oz CCS Vodka 3/4oz lemon juice 1/2oz simple syrup, shake well but do not destroy the basil, add club soda! Will look something like...

Berry Blend

Muddle 2 raspberries and 1 slice of hot pepper of choice (jalapeno) with 1oz lime juice, add ice 2oz CCS Vodka 3/4oz Triple Sec Shake and top with fresh berries Should look similar to this!!

Hot and Dirty Martini

3oz CCS Vodka ½ oz olive juice 3 dashes of favorite hot sauce Shake with ice and strain into martini glass— garnish with Tajin rim and a Blue cheese stuffed olive (both optional)

White Christmas Martini

2 oz CCS Select Grain Vodka 2 oz White Chocolate Liquor 1 oz Creme de Cacao 1 oz 1/2 &1/2 Shake and strain into martini glass. For that holiday hit garnish…first rim the glass in simple syrup or honey and dip in raw sugar or sprinkles, it will look similar...

Lemon Blueberry Fizz

Muddle 8-10 blueberries in a glass (mason jar) and fill with ice 2 oz Select Grain Vodka 4 oz of your favorite Lemon seltzer (depending on how sweet you want it) Add a squirt of fresh lemon juice to taste and garnish with fresh lemon!